Are you able to sacrifice?
Sacrifice is incredibly hard for a lot of reasons. We are social creatures and to sacrifice your weekends, friends and time with people you care about seems stupid. It doesn't seem fair that you can't have it all, and at the same time. Do you really want to do something great? I don't think anyone can know that until the moment they have to decide between the project and 10 weekends in a row. I am seriously suggesting that if you actually want something, the pain of being alone, the pain of being poor and being uncomfortable, is something you are going to have to live with, and for quite some time.
There is simply no room for people who can't assume full responsibility for their own actions and where they are
Take responsibility
This is why a lot of people say that the team is important. Those who can join your path and join the pain and occasional happiness together. These are coping mechanisms against the hardships. But only when you know what you are willing to cut out of life, can you truly know how much you want something. «It's important to have best friends», it might be true, but best friends take time. It takes effort. Just like that business you want, or that body, or that state of mind. I meet a lot of people that are always complaining about things and who throw blame around. This way of being is without a doubt, not a future successful person. If you blame others and aren't able to take responsibility you got nothing to do with the greats. There is simply no room for people who can't assume full responsibility for their own actions and where they are.
First priority wins
If you ever wonder what it takes to make it in something, then don't make it a second- or third priority. If your first priority is family, friends and social life, then you probably will have a great life doing that. But you will not have created a business truly great, most likely.

If your first priority is a vision, a goal or a startup as an example, you will most likely excel in doing this. It doesn't mean that when your mom calls up and say there is a crisis at home, you shouldn't respond. It just means you need to drop that party a Saturday, family dinner on Sunday and a coffee with your friend on Monday morning, many times. If there is a crisis, that's a situational priority 1. What is constant is the thing that wins in the end.
NOVEMBER, 16 / 2018

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