Why be part of our journey?
The YSI program is bringing some of the best talents across the world. From a pool of 10.000 people in over 170 countries - we choose 8 teams with 3 people in each.
Increasingly fast
The world is increasing in speed which demands a breakthrough mindset, collaboration across countries, care for the world, and intergenerational work.
Systemic innovation
The best young minds from a pool of over 10.000 people will work to create breakthrough solutions to systemic problems, in the field of your business.
5 months program
The teams research to provide deep market analysis, a range of ideas, and novel insight - in collaboration with your business.
We believe that skilled and experienced youth, in combination with businesses and organizations can create the necessary combo to tackle problems, deliver on unmet needs, and create products for people`s passion in an effective, sustainable and profitable manner.
What do you get?
Besides a potential product or service, you will receive innovation and sustainability training, deep market analysis, exposure to talents across the globe, and more:
On ground research
In the third round of the application process, we ask the applicants to research a problem statement in their own country. You will receive market knowledge from vastly different places.
Insight factory
For 11 days, the two teams working with your company will be consultants on a problem statement for you. The goal is to provide novel insights that can be used in an actionable way.
5 months innovation program
The two teams will research, come up with ideas, create a concept, and build a solution in the field of your business (i.e., health, education, finance). Every four weeks they will do outcome reports presenting their findings and research.
First right
Although the business does not own shares to begin with - you will have the first right to become customer, partner or investor in the startup.
Internal engagement
By engaging employees in the program, insight factory, as well as our weeks in Oslo, this has a great effect in terms of making employees engaged in innovation, sustainability and youth.
We reach millions of people every year, and by being a part of the program we communicate your companies values and goals in an organic manner.
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