Make effective innovation happen
Dynamic innovation management platform for your entire innovation journey that helps with
Increase knowledge about innovation and get the tools to execute
Use task lists, team schedule, advanced tasks view with filters, add attachments, comments and much more instruments for helping your work
Effortless management
Manage the lifecycle of your entire innovation journey from ideation to execution. Cut through the noise by providing a unique and personalized experience for every user. With one platform you can digitize your innovation processes, align between your strategic goals and innovation ideas, track, analyze, evaluate, and prioritize.
Enable people to learn from anywhere by sharing knowledge, learning from each other, getting and asking for help. Utilize and leverage the power of (global) collaboration across your organization. Engage your employees by fostering a culture of innovation through a collaborative community.
Streamlining innovation to empower people to solve sustainability challenges

We offer your team a full set of tools that will help you to create better project solutions instead of spending time on planning
Work on any device
Gerda interface is responsive. Now you can be aware of everything about the projects wherever you are.
Personalized innovation journey
We have developed an intuitive and minimalistic interface that you can get used to in a minimal amount of time.
Keep project documents in order
You can attach documents and files to projects, boards and discussions to share them with colleagues.
Global collaboration
Fully distributed across the globe? Access discussions from anywhere and communicate asynchronously without missing a beat.
Get monthly reports
Reports consist of all the details and data that you need. You can use them to analyze your productivity or share with colleagues.
Use multiple integrations
Integrate your work with Google apps and different popular services. You can integrate huge variety of services through Zapier or API.
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