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Corporate Innovation program
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YSI Corporate program
Corporate innovation program
Imagine some of the smartest youth working to innovate your sector.
How it works
The innovation program with corporates works almost just like the one we have created. The biggest difference is that the corporates sponsoring the spots, can choose which areas the startups should be in: Digital farming, banking sector, or whatever you would like to do.

The teams creating a new startup in your sector will create a relationship, share thoughts and ideas, as well as working with the corporate to implement the idea, quicker than anyone could do alone.

For corporations, it`s like having a black ops team working agile, quickly, and focused on an important area for the business without procedures, rigid systems, and approvals from management.

You can read more about the innovation program and how it works here.
What you get
- Have agile teams working more quickly, either on an important part of your business or test something that is along your fringes but would be interesting for you to know more about.
- Gain insights and knowledge, with the best youth in the world`s way of thinking.
- By creating a good relationship to the startups you can get products / services you need, or become the first investor in their venture.
- Learn more about how to run innovation processes, and how to engage young people through interaction with these brilliant young minds.

Who are the entrepreneurs?
With around 10.000 annual applicants for our regular innovation program, you can expect thousands of youth applying to the program, and we only pick 20-30 people. In this way you can ensure the quality of all participants, considering our rigid application process of 4 rounds.
Insight factory
A YSI core belief is that youth working with the established can be a very effective way to get a more sustainable business.
The process
The business picks out an important business challenge, or an area to explore. Whatever you pick has to be something real which is important for your business.

For 10 days, a team of 3 young minds will work on delivering novel insight. With their unique perspectives, sustainability drive mindset, and real skills - they aim to bring your company a deeper insight on your core business, with the aim of giving you something tangible to explore further.

The whole process ends with a presentation from the team.
Who are the youth?
They are from the last round of our application pool. We go from around 10.000 to the last 150 people in the third round. These people are most likely to work on an insight factory case. They work with everything from technology, engineering, marketing, design, and entrepreneurship.

Some of our participants backgrounds have been a 16-year old who sold the rights to his company for $1 million, a 22-year old Ph.D. graduate with several patents pending and a person who had been through three wars and previously lived as a refugee. These are the kind of people that will provide you their views on the world and your business.
What to expect?
If the problem or area of interest is of importance, and information about your current efforts is shared openly, you maintain a high probability of getting new insights. One customer from last year said that they could never have come up with the idea on their own, and they even flew to another country to follow up a lead they got.
Insight Factory
What our pilot customers said about Insight Factory:
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