Shape your dream startups
In our 5-month corporate innovation program you will work with some of the smartest young minds under 28 years.
Talents apply as individuals
YSI is looking for those who want to change the world through entrepreneurship
Get paired with top talents
They will be carefully selected and paired with diversified talents from around the world
5 month online incubation
They will build a startup during the five month online incubation program and a two-week accelerator in Oslo, Norway
Fully funded opportunity
The program is fully funded, but requires their dedication and hard work (15-35 hours/week)
In 2019 we run our first pilot with YARA international. Two teams are working on important aspects to YARA, such as food value chain and empowering women through agritech. Now, we are setting up for having a exclusive corporate innovation program. We believe that young talents drive combined with the experienced will be a golden collaboration strategy.
The innovation program package
When you as a business buys spots in YSI they will have teams working on areas of importance for you. You will also have first right of investment, becoming a partner, or customer based on situation of the startup. Look below to see what value this brings:
Problem & needs identification
In the third round of our application process the applicants have to observe, conduct some interviews, and do desktop research to indentify core problems or needs. The once applying for the areas your company have - will work on gathering insights for you.
Insight Factory
Two weeks after the program starts there will be a 10 days consultancy job by the teams that have your cases. For 10 days they will gather novel insight into an important business area for you.
Innovation program
For 5 months the teams will create a new startup from scratch. They will research, talk to douzins of relevant stakeholders, test assumptions, come up with a many ideas, and build a functional solution in the space you have chosen.
Internal & external engagement
By working on important topics you create a platform where your employees get engaged, inspired, and start thinking about innovation and sustainability. Externally, you get communicated to thousands of young people across the world.
The timeline overview
Last date to get onboard
September 15th is the last date for being part of our program. This means you have bought a innovation program package, and have "buy-in" from the necessary departments.
Application process
The application process will go from October 10 - December 10.
Program start
The program will go from February 2020 - June 2020. The two week program in Oslo will be from June 14 - June 28.
Insight Factory
From February 15 - February 25th we will run Insight Factory where the chosen teams will work on a case for you to provide novel insights.
"A lot of valuable insights regardless of whatever solution they end up with. To have the smart type of people YSI have looking into their areas is great!"
Jorge Marzola
Project Manager Venture & Business Scale-Up
Yara International
Per Hynne
Chief Communications Officer
Coca Cola
Real impact is being made through our program
A Norwegian hightech company, specializing in highly efficient RO based water recovery and desalination, saving huge on operational costs and environmental impact. Test test plant set up in Tanzania
Making T-shirts out of recycled plastic bottles. They went out of the program with 5000 orders, making them the most successful startup financially during a program.
Public Urinals and Toilet for Health Tracking. With their first big sale only 2 months after the program ended
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