Check yourself (BETA)
Instant feedback for startups with tools, methods, and knowledge to help nudge you in the right direction.
How it works

This is not a tool that provides definite answers to anything. Use it to gain an overview of what you might need to work more on. When the score is done, go directly to the document with knowledge, tools, and methods to see what is relevant for your situation. Some of the score might also be irellevant for your particular startup.
Choose phase of your startup
First choose which phase you want to check up on. If you want to check how your team is doing, then choose that. If you are focused on research and problem identification, choose that, and so on.
Answer survey and get results
Be honest when you answer, as this is only for yourself. Look at the areas you score low on to understand what you might want to work more on.
Find relevant help
Go to the outline document below the scores to find relevant knowledge, methods, and/or tools to nudge you in the right direction.