Crowd Startup
Three teams with three entrepreneurs will create a startup from scratch. Each team will have 500 people on their team - making all the important decisions.
Be owner, decider, and part of a global startup from the beginning.
Vote for the directions the startup team will take, and be part of a startups process, without doing all the hard work.
Little time
Very little time will be needed from you. You will simply have to vote on the best problem statements, help come up with ideas, and sometimes you might end up being the first tester.
From home
You can be part of making the sustainable startup from home.
Little money
Get equity in the startup easily, without having to be a rich investor. With the 500 people, you only need to bring 500$ to be on the ownership-side.
The decisions
During the 3 months, the startup will work on making a new startup. You, and 499 other people will be part of voting which directions. The directions can be seen below:
Out of 17 different SDGs, you and the whole team will vote on which area should be focused on. If the majority votes for SDG 4: Quality education - this is the area the startup team of 3 will work on.
Problem statement
The team will work for some weeks with finding different problems within that SDG. The crowd-team can also send in suggestions to the operating team (the three people).
When the problem is decided on, the crowd can come up with various ideas. At the same time, the operating team will come up with ideas. The operating team chooses 5-10 ideas.
After the idea / solution is chosen, then the operating team will work out different concepts. They choose top 3 concepts, and again - a vote on the best will be made by the 500 people in the crowd.
Market fit
The operating team will now be building an MVP, but can also involve the crowd. After the MVP is done, the crowd will help out to test the solution and make sure that the solution actually works.
Invest and beyond
When the product is made, the crowd can invest 500$ and upwards to be owners of the startup. The crowd will also be part of helping the startup find investors, get known through marketing, and operate as advisors, marketers, and fans.
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