Gain insights
It doesn`t have to be a big commitment to be part of our journey. Workshops, lectures, insights factory are ways to ignite focus towards sustainability and innovation with YSI.
With our expertise on innovation combined with a focus on the sustainabe development goals, we can both inspire, create insights, and provide knowledge. The YSI Global team and our participants are capable of using our different mindsets, experience, and expertise - and help your company think differently, become ignited, and create valuable insights.
Our services
Most companies often have little time to take on new projects right away. Therefore we have other options which demands less time and commitment, with a focus on building a relationship in the beginning. Find out more about the possibilties below:
All our professionals have more than 5 years of experience with innovation, entrepreneurship and teambuilding.
Lectures & Talks
Everything from one lecture, a string of lectures, and shorter talks is something YSI does a lot. The focus is always on entrepreneurship, innovation, team, and sustainability.
Insight factory
For 10 days you can have our chosen teams working on finding novel insights to an important case or area for you. This is limited and only happens during the program.
About our talks and lectures
With experience in remote work, innovation, sustainability-focused efforts, and youth-involvement we can bring inspiration and knowledge to your company.
Our workshops
We always tailor the workshop to needs, but our general areas are:
The Sustainability twist
A 2-4 hour workshop that takes current solutions in the market and find a twist in one or more of the business model to make it more sustainable.
Test fast, test good
We can do everything from one to a string of workshops. The goal is to help people realize how fast they can test assumptions and find evidence for or against a proposed idea or strategy.
Optimize your team for innovation
Using scrum, lean startup, design thinking, and our own research to help teams set themselves up for working on innovation, both remotely and offline.
The breakthrough mindset
When you have no solution but you need to innovate, where do you even start? From scratch, we help groups of people tackle a problem holistically before defining a clearer opportunity, problem or need to tackle.
Insight factory
A YSI core belief is that youth working with the established can be a very effective way to get a more sustainable business.
The process
The business picks out an important business challenge, or an area to explore. Whatever you pick has to be something real which is important for your business.

For 10 days, a team of 3 young minds will work on delivering novel insight. With their unique perspectives, sustainability drive mindset, and real skills - they aim to bring your company a deeper insight on your core business, with the aim of giving you something tangible to explore further.

The whole process ends with a presentation from the team.
Who are the youth?
They are from the last round of our application pool. We go from around 10.000 to the last 150 people in the third round. These people are most likely to work on an insight factory case. They work with everything from technology, engineering, marketing, design, and entrepreneurship.

Some of our participants backgrounds have been a 16-year old who sold the rights to his company for $1 million, a 22-year old Ph.D. graduate with several patents pending and a person who had been through three wars and previously lived as a refugee. These are the kind of people that will provide you their views on the world and your business.
What to expect?
If the problem or area of interest is of importance, and information about your current efforts is shared openly, you maintain a high probability of getting new insights. One customer from last year said that they could never have come up with the idea on their own, and they even flew to another country to follow up a lead they got.
Insight Factory
What our pilot customers said about Insight Factory:
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