By Didrik Strøhm
Insight Factory
- A path to novel insights
Diverse teams - diverse outputs
What do you get if you create a team from different continents with a track record of skills and success in different fields? You most certainly get different view points merged together, and the only questions that remains is – can they forge some gold out of it?

From April 1st to April 11th the 8 teams will work on a case provided by YARA International, Grieg Group, Storebrand and Coca Cola Norway. The cases are pressing issues or opportunities they wish to explore and want novel insight on. For them, it`s all about getting diverse insights and new thoughts to things they are currently working on in their day-to-day operations. For the teams from YSI, they are working to deliver well so that they can get MVP-money for the rest of the program. If they can`t make it – there will be no money, so the stakes are high.

Only two weeks into the program, and the teams are faced with their first big challenge of delivering something valuable, in a short amount of time – remotely with people they barely know.
If they can`t make it – there will be no money, so the stakes are high.
Remote work: The teams present, discuss, and work remotely.
Businesses are vital for change

There are quite different cases from very different businesses, but one thing remains the same: They are trying to create a more sustainable operation and they make efforts to change entire industries, incrementally change unsustainable operations, or simply figure out how to go the last mile (like Coca-Cola who are trying to figure out how we can recycle the last plastic bottles in Norway left (about 3-5% do not get recycled).

Can they make it?

With one day remaining there has been several checkpoints with the companies meeting our participants – discussing big issues and how to tackle them. Insight is in the driving seat, while solutions is a by-product of that. Soon, we`ll see how the teams deliver and if it goes like last year: One of the companies from Insight Factory 2018 have started a large project, partly based on the insights given to them by YSI participants.

Eight teams - Four companies
Storebrand Group
Storebrand, previously recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the pension/finance category, are looking into how they can accelerate the move of capital into more sustainable investments as well as aspects of impact reporting. Storebrand was a early mover into this field and now as the masses starts shifting its focus towards sustainable finance, there is greater needs and opportunities for innovation in this field.
Grieg Group
Grieg Group who is in the maritime, investment, and shipping industries is also a player with a profound impact in it´s industry. Together we are looking into clean energy and emerging technologies in that field, as well as collaboration. Grieg Group is another example of a company that is taking a big stand towards a more sustainable future, integrating it into their strategies starting from management level.
Coca-Cola European Partners Norway
Coca-Cola is a company that have taken big steps to reduce its impact on society such as the steps taken to increase the level of non-sugary drinks. At the same time, this massive player with its profound impact is instrumental in changing the industry to become more sustainable. Through Insight Factory we are together looking into the future of packaging and recycling- how to tackle packaging waste and plastic pollution.
YARA International
YARA are focused on, as in the program, digital farming and food value chains. YARA is a big player, capable of changing the entire food industry with their efforts to better help small holder farmers, help female agripreneurs and disrupt the food value chains.

Text author: Didrik Strøhm

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