We're looking for a front-end developer to join our development team and take our innovation platform to the next level.
Who we need
We are looking for a front-end developer to join our team and take our innovation platform to the next level so that we can help more people solve sustainability challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation!
  • Improving/adding functional features to existing code
  • Implementing new functional features
  • Collaborate with backend devs to solve problems
  • Adding/improving UX features like animations, effects, onboarding experiences, guided tours, etc
Required technical skills:
  • Angular (not angularJS)
  • Comfortable with integrating vanilla JS libraries
  • Knowledge of Rxjs (advanced)
  • Deep knowledge of inner workings of Angular
    • Dependency injection
    • Resolvers,
    • Interceptors,
    • Custom Angular Form Controls
    • Advanced templating (Template Ref)
  • CSS & JS animations
  • Bootstrap 4
    • Being able to write clean and well structured code
    • Follow SOLID, DRY principles
Qualities we are looking for:
  • Fast learner
  • Adaptiveness
  • Team player
  • Good communicator
  • Ability to work with incomplete requirements
  • Open to try several solutions, assessing them and then choosing the best amongst them
What we offer
Working with YSI, expect to play a key role in our team within a highly passionate and purpose-driven company.
International work experience
We are a fully remote team located in four countries with flexible working times. At YSI, we work on our projects worldwide, with best people from all over the world.
Support to young talent
We know how hard it can be to get noticed for a young specialist and try to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.
Paid job and equity opportunity
The position is paid and salary level is to be discussed. There is also an equity possibility to be discussed.
At YSI you have the opportunity, to grow, learn, develop your skills and build experience, take and also be given responsibility. In this role, you will have a unique opportunity to shape our platform, product and work.
Who we are
The last 1,5 years YSI Global has been building a platform to deliver a dynamic learning program, as well as a community to help entrepreneurs across the world to get high quality follow up and help in their journeys to solve sustainability problems in the world, locally as well as globally.
Meet our team
Becka Clark
User Experience Designer
Didrik Strøhm
CEO & Chief Innovation Officer
Amund Grytting
Raman Ahmed
Front-end developer
Jonathan Kings
Back-end developer
Yidir Bouhadjer
Danat Tekie
Chief External Relations Officer