Sow for Health
Sow for Heath is a voluntary project that started in Norway as a contribution to the shortage of infection control equipment like face masks and medical protective coats. We have established a voluntary work platform through a web page and connected this to an existing app where sewers and customers can meet.
Aerosol Box of hope
Aerosol Box is a protective barrier enclosed for use during intubation, suctioning and swabbing to prevent the transmission of the virus from patient to the medical workers. It is a transparent cube that covers a patient's head during swabbing, suctioning and intubation to avoid virus transmission.
Barriowatch is a localized digital emergency network focused on increasing awareness of life-threatening events happening within a mile radius, how to avoid them, assist others or get help in case you are affected.
World Citizen Report
World Citizen Report allows citizens to report their status and actions related to the COVID-19 epidemic. The are continuously developing the service to include tracking and more information for the citizens, as well as analytical tools and reporting for health authorities. Fill it out today!
BioRayz is a box that takes only 3 minutes to disinfects items, ensuring a 99,9% removal of viruses and bacteria, using UVC LEDS. It can be used effectively to disinfect phones, stethoscopes, pens, etc. They are currently scaling the size of the box to build a cost-effective version for hospitals and clinics.
Covidu is a chatbot that will get you the lates COVID-19 statistics from different countries. All the user needs to do is name a country and the bot will retrieve the latest numbers from the Johns Hopkins CSSE database, with the possibility to get daily updates The reason they built Covidu was to enable people with limited/slow internet easy access to COVID-19 stats from all over the world.
EcoMasks create reusable, biodegradable, EPA-approved anti-viral face masks, made from a proprietary cotton embedded with accelerated copper oxide particles, and a nano fiber textile that blocks pathogens. The pores of the nano fiber pad are so small that bacteria cannot go through it, nor a droplet that contains a live virus.
Hommi is a hardware and software platform that proactively nudges users to regularly wash their hands depending on several factors - time from the last wash, if the person ventured out of the location, etc. It can be used by businesses to track and limit the number of people in places like shopping malls and supermarkets.
Abetec Market Place
Abetec Market Place (AMAP) is a community of social innovators, creators, designers, marketers and environmental conscious entrepreneurs who are joining hands together during this COVID-19 crisis to build healthy, sustainable communities, co-existing in a safe inclusive environment. They provide meaningful connections within a vibrant community and resources to support your entrepreneurial journey during this time of crisis.
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