YSI startups
In YSI you create startups from scratch, so what happens after the program? Do they continue or give up? Take a look:
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Alumni Startups
So what type of startups comes out of YSI?
Aquasolis Global
Aquasolis is a Norwegian high technology company, specializing in highly efficient RO based water recovery and desalination, saving huge on operational costs and environmental impact. They have recently made their first machine, which is now being used in Tanzania.

Batch: 2016
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Making T-shirts out of recycled plastic bottles. They went out of the program with 5000 orders, making them the most successful startup financially during a program.

Batch: 2018
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Public Urinals and Toilet for Health Tracking. With their first big sale only 2 months after the program ended, their progress will be interesting to follow in the time to come.

Batch: 2018
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Mass Metrics
MassMetrics is creating tools and methods to collect and disseminate SDG data for better monitoring, optimization, and behavioral change.

Batch: 2018
Xyla Water
Xyla Water is an impact startup that aims to tackle the sixth UN SDG "Clean Water and Sanitation" by constantly innovating to solve the world water problems via groundbreaking technology, empathetic education and meaningful collaborations.

Batch: 2017

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InforMED are creating a mobile tech platform that uses language translations in a 1-to-1 consultation prior to the physical examination. This platform will provide autonomy to the physician as well as a comfortable experience for the patients.

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Batch: 2018
Creating technology to map out heat loss in buildings and houses using thermal technology, to make sure energy can be used more efficiently, as well as saving money and time for people.

Batch: 2017
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