Strategy change
YSI Global is changing our strategy
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Young Sustainable Impact has worked since 2016 to empower youth to create measurable impact.

A quick look back shows a bit of what has happened:

  • 35.000+ applications for our four innovation programs.

  • The program has been finished a total of 9 times with over 250 participants across the globe together with incredible founders of YSI in Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and China.

  • 10.000 people are now getting clean water and 35.000 waste plastic bottles have been recycled, through our alumni startups AquaSolis Global and Waymore.

  • We have worked with companies like Yara International, Storebrand, Coca-Cola European Partners Norway, Veidekke, Orkla, Grieg, Melbye on connecting talented youth with their experience on sustainability challenges in their core-businesses.

  • We have gathered 12.000+ members in the Earthpreneurs community.

  • We have talked in front of over 17.000 people about what we care about; youth, SDGs, and entrepreneurship.

  • With our message about SDGs and entrepreneurship, we have reached over 40 million people.

Every year we run a cycle of a 3-month application process, a 5-month innovation program for only 27 participants, and spend four months building the program and securing funding. We spend all our human resources on this process, and all other opportunities have to be put on hold to be able to run the program. Thus we have not been able to scale our work, think new, nor create the impact that we have always strived for.

When our vision is creating a thriving sustainable planet through empowering young earthpreneurs, we believe that it is not justifiable to continue to directly empower only 0,0022% of our great community.

That's what we plan to change now!

1. We are not running a Global Innovation Program for 2020.

YSI Global is changing its approach to be able to give knowledge and help to more than just a few people each year. Instead of one closed program helping a few, we will create a platform aimed at helping the many.

2. We are creating a scalable platform to help earthpreneurs.

Using our knowledge, tools, and network from the innovation program and some more exciting things to come, we are building a platform to help earthpreneurs create startups and projects to solve the SDGs. They will get a platform where they can learn, find fellow earthpreneurs, and help each other. This platform will also connect businesses with talented earthpreneurs to solve sustainability-related problems. In short, we are gathering the YSI universe on one platform.

3. We will build and nurture the earthpreneurs community.

We cannot underestimate the impact we can have by connecting, engaging, and nurturing our community. Besides our platform, which will work as the glue, we will amp up our work in the Earthpreneurs Community starting in January 2020 to drive engagement towards action.

4. We will run more Insight Factories to connect talented youth and businesses.

We believe in the power of bridging the gap between established companies and talented youth and know that collaboration between the two is necessary to solve our sustainability challenges. Insight factory is a 3-week opportunity for earthpreneurs to work on sustainability challenges that businesses are experiencing. For businesses, it is an opportunity to get novel insights and a diverse outside-in-perspective, creating a positive multiplier effect on their most pressing issues from some of the most talented youth.

5. We are looking to help create regional programs across the globe.

The platform will work as a foundation and enable us to more quickly help create regional programs. The intention is to be able to provide more guidance, money, and resources from YSI Global to make this happen. This process will begin when the platform is up and running. So look for information when the time comes!

We are excited about our journey ahead and hope you are too! We want to invite you along, and build collaboratively with you. As a start, we need to understand more about your needs and what would be most valuable for you in a YSI Platform.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our Platform Questionnaire. It's mostly 1-10 rating questions so it will only take you 5 minutes: