YSI teams 2019
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Toby, Salam, Gloria, Abdellah
Team 1: Digital farming
A guy from USA, a woman from Syria, a woman from Tanzania, and a guy from Morocco. Together with YARA International they will create a startup in the space of digital farming, fousing empowering women.
Toby Myers
Toby from California is stoked to be working with Salam, Gloria, Abdellah, and the YARA team to solve problems for the world's farmers with technology.

Toby has founded two successful companies and worked with farmers across South America. He quit a great job at a Silicon Valley startup to use the power of technology to solve problems that matter. Also, he lives in a bus that he renovated with friends! Pictures at www.instagram.com/frequentstops
Gloria Kaguo
A passionate tech-preneur, with love for people, nature, music, art and movies. Being part of a team that is going to solve problems in agriculture sector excites Gloria. She believe farmers need to get the value and recognition they deserve through and it is trough technology this can be achieved. In Tanzania it self more than 50% of the population engage in agriculture and sadly their economic status is still low.
Salam Al-nukta
Salam is an entrepreneur and startup enthusiast with a passion for bringing immediate and strategic value-added projects focusing on women's empowerment and communities' prosperity. Inspired by the potential of young people and the mobilization of technology, and social innovation to unleash significant solutions for world problems. Salam is the founder of ChangeMakers in Syria; an education catalyst aiming to reduce the gender gap in technology and empower young females. Salam has a BSc in Biology focusing on environmental studies.
Abdellah El-Bouchikhi
Abdellah El Bouchikhi is a Moroccan youth leader. Majoring in civil engineering, he worked on infrastructure development solutions at the Islamic development bank (IsDB) that can lead the digital transformation towards a sustainable infrastructure securitization market.

Abdellah is currently enthusiastic about building a youth-driven AgTech startup, under the auspices of the YSI innovation program, that aims for higher connectivity, integration and efficiency within existing farming systems to sustainably nourish the world and nurture our planet.
Yvon, Earl, Jonathan, Sasha
Team 2: Food Value Chain
Together with YARA International, a team of people from Taiwan, Phillippines, France, and USA will do their best to disrupt the food value chain sector.
Sasha Ionnadies
Sasha is passionate about utilizing data and studying human behavior to create sustainable and optimal food systems in order to improve the community.

Assisted in the development of Pittsburgh's first portable farming system and design for a commercially sized food waste anaerobic digestion system.
Jonathan Kings
Jonathan is a student games programmer with the ambition to change the world.

VR experiences for Gender Equality; a smart insulin pen cap prototype application; a few mobile, PC, AR, and console games and prototypes; and a handful of short webcomics.

Earl Pagatpat
"I am excited about the fact that he can finally build a startup that can deliver a holistic impact and be a catalyst of genuine change."

Earl follow two mantras, the first one is called G.R.I.T which means Growth (Personal Growth), Resiliency, Integrity, and Tenacity. The other one is to lead, inspire, and transform.
Yvon Huang
A passionate product designer who is excited to build product people love.

✔ Led marketplace product design at a unicorn startup - Codementor and increased feature conversion rate up to 20% by optimizing supply and demand matching experience
✔ Received full scholarship for MIT global entrepreneurship bootcamp from 20 countries interviewers. Won 1st place of new venture pitch competition among 9 teams. Got interviews by 5 national TV channel.
✔ Advocate for female professionals in Taiwan tech industry and is the 2018 representative in design for 40 Under 40 selected by Girls in Tech Taiwan.
Qussai, Eden, Dominic, Thomas
Team 3: Education
Perhaps the most diverse team are focused on quality education. The team consists of people from Syria, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Spain.
Thomas Artiach Sounssi
Thomas is passionate about technology, digital implementation and its impact on our everyday lives.

He has previously co-developped a GPS algorithm that set up the fastest way to move around the city of Lausanne, Switzerland. He was part of the remodeling of the Albi-Carmaux University virtual campus system, bringing a more user-friendly and trustworthy one for its students.

As an external tech consultant in the recent digitalization process made by the Peugeot Citroën Group, I worked in both the implementation and the quality delivery of the Digital Marketing Department for the deployment of a global scaled Customer Relationship Management program.
Qussai Maklad
Qussai is a Syrian entrepreneur, co-founder at social startup works on time banking and sharing for development, founder at spacez which is the first co-working space in Syria, and he is a small project managment trainer with many INGOs.

"I am excited about this program to learn from YSI, and really looking forward to working with awesome team of Co-founders to create a startup that solves sustainable challenges on Education."
Eden Tadesse
Born and raised in Ethiopia, Eden is a 22-year-old STEMinist and award-winning journalist hell-bent on changing the world through tech and global leadership. As a proud non-conformist, Eden strive to empower others into cultivating their skills and unlocking their inner-genius. She is passionate about social innovation, cyber security, sustainable development, women's rights and education.

"I look forward to working with 3 extraordinary people from different backgrounds and together, embarking on a life-changing entrepreneurship journey. Throughout the program I am excited to engage meaningfully with impassioned changemakers and industry experts, work collaboratively with a global virtual team and ultimately build a transformative startup."
Dominic Mills-Howell
Dominic is a burgeoning mathematician and science enthusiast that has a vested interest in developing cost-effective educational tools to enhance science education and communication in the developing world.

"I am really excited to meet and work with people from all corners of the world and learn about various worldviews and cultures and, especially, interested in seeing how these give fresh approaches to solving problems."

• Shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Innovation in Science & Technology in 2017
• First Jamaican selected for the CERN NMS Summer Student Programme
• First Jamaican selected for the ICTP Diploma Programme
Taha, Mohamed, Lucas
Team 4: Clean water
A trio of guys have set their eyes on changing the situation of over 600 million people across the world, who lack access to clean water. From Pakistan, Egypt and Brazil - they are all eager to create a better world through innovation and entrepreneurship.
Mohamed Fathi
Mohamed is a mechanical engineer who works in water treatment field. Now he is working in an NGO called LIFE FROM WATER. Mohamed is excited with the program because I want to be a part in solving the global water problem

Been head of operations and Logistics in a Water foundation for 8 years and installed a water treatment unit in a place called Mandera on the borders between Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, this helped about 5000 people. He was a part in life from water that helped near 400.000 people.

Taha Sajid
Taha is from Pakistan and knows all about the issues of unclean water. Previously he has done quite a few things:

1 - Documentarian - Made a documentary on the Rich cultures of Pakistan - Submitted to Silk Route Film Festival
2 - President Debating Society - Love arguing with people for fun sake
3 - Executive Council of LUMS Media & Arts Society - We shoot films and organize FiLUMS, the largest student run film festival of the country.
4 - Captain of the Table Tennis team in High School - Would love to play with you guys. Lets have a match?
5 - Winner Reckitt Benckiser (RB) League of Gamechangers from LUMS - Designed an innovative sustainable venture on Clean Water & Sanitation in collaboration with RB for their CSR campaign.
Lucas Kehl
Lucas is an environmental causes enthusiast who believes in Brazil as a global leader in environmental protection and sustainable development. Studying Environmental Engineering, Lucas has worked in scientific research, student organizations and social projects.

"I am excited with the cultural exchange in the YSI Innovation Program and motivated to create a startup with real impact in the world applying the SDG's."
Giovanna, ameer, Cyan
Team 5: Health
A medicine student from South-Africa, a coder from Palestine and a neuro-scientist student from Brazil. Focused on health and well-being and diverse as ever - with the skills and knowledge to make something valuable.
Cyan Brown
Cyan enjoy travelling, meeting new people and a good challenge. She is a medical doctor and passionate about health equity and health care innovation.

"I am thrilled to be a part of YSI to help contribute towards a program that makes tangible impact for a better world and to be a part of a program with dedicated and equally passionate people from all over the world."
Ameer Taweel
Ameer Taweel from Palestine is a Software Developer and very passionate about computers and coding. He also play Chess, Football and Video Games.
Giovanna Ribeiro (GI)
Giovanna was born in Itajuba, a small city in Brazil and, today, she studies neuroscience and computer science (with a minor in robotics) at the Johns Hopkins University. She is passionate about intersection between the study of human mind and computation, specially areas related to artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning. In her professional life, she wish to apply this knowledge to the development of solutions to improve global health and, at the same time, create opportunities to teach science and entrepreneurship to people from less privileged backgrounds.
Elham, Diego
Team 6: Responsible production
With a creative soul form Mexico and a designer from Iran, the duo will set out to show how it is done in the goal of responsible consumption and production.
Elham Abdollahi
Elham, an architect and designer from Iran. She is a creative and passionate person. She can not explain how much happy and excited i am to be part of this program, to know so many new talented people and be able to change my dream to reality that is changing the world to be a better place to live.

Elham is a table tennis champion and was member of her university table tennis team for 4 years. She has cycled all around her country- Iran. She is a biker and traveled many places in Pakistan with bike. She is also expert in wood craft and she can play guitar too.

Diego Martin Lara
Diego from México, 23 and (soon to be) an industrial designer.

"Words can't describe how excited I'm about being in YSI! I have many expectations and will give his best to achieve a real and tangible result."

Diego started an investigation into and the development of sustainable ceramic material in his academic exchange in Valencia, Spain, later he built a small startup applying this material in various design objects.
Fabiana, John, Mykola
Team 7: Clean energy
From Ukraine, Ireland and Bolivia - the trio is set on finding new ways to pull us in the direction of clean energy. Will they find a novel and innovative approach?
Korop Mykola
Mykola Korop web developer, physicist and IT events organizer.

"YSI gives me opportunity to meet same passion people, to work together on solving problem of clean and affordable energy and create really impact startup which can change way how we get and use energy. This program don't have of analogs and I'm inspired to be participant of this program and do all the best to meet expectations."
Fabiana Roque
Fabiana from Bolivia, a 24 years old girl who tries everything at least once, without prejudice and regardless of discomfort. She has a bachelor in Engineering and a great sensitivity for social matters.

"I'm really excited about YSI program because I think that creating a social startup is a perfect way to create a positive impact and reduce inequalities while working at the meaningful job I've been longing for."
John Bracken
The prospect of creating an innovative sustainable product with a team of young and aspiring entrepreneurs is very motivating for John.

He has been Campaign Fellow in the United States mid term elections, traveled to 23 countries, and has 4 Million views on his youtube channel.

Nik, Dorcas, Ellen
Team 8: Responsible consumption & production
Thailand, Australia and Indonesia. The team is on the mission to change our consumption and production.
Ellen Septiane
An Interior Architect in profession, an environment warrior at heart, and a dreamer beyond it all. I (and my team) have founded an environmental education and awareness project in Jakarta and realized how difficult it is to change people's behavior through social activities alone. The society won't change until we show the solution and better alternatives.

"I am excited of YSI Innovation Program because I want to create a social startup that can disrupt the linear business model and change the game."
Dorcas Wong
Dorcas from Aussie and currently living and working in Shanghai. She comes from a law/international studies background but is currently working as a technical writer/ business journalist.

"I am super excited to connect with like-minded and passionate people from all parts of the world and to create some meaningful impact to our global community through this program."
Nik Supatravanij
An international student from Thailand. Super excited to leverage YSI Global's platform to make a dent in the responsible consumption problem, and most importantly, in a way that's convenient, effective, and hopefully makes us a profit too! Whoever said business can't do good?
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