YSI 4-week online innovation program
Entrepreneurship, technology, and sustainability
8 courses
This is a 4 week course with 8 webinar-courses, lasting 2 hours each. Learn about how to manage, run, and create a startup (50$ only). Topics:
1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation methods (2 courses)
2. Sustainability and technology (2 courses)
3. Marketing for startups (2 courses)
4. Leadership and team management (2 courses)
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Learn methods to manage a startup and innovation projects. Get a understanding of how to work with Scrum (agile), use design thinking, and how to run a lean startup process.
Sustainability & Technology
Learn more about where we are in the history of innovation and how we ended up where we are. Get and understanding of technology, exponential tech, and why a sustainability focus is vital.
Leadership & Team work
Learn how to manage people, create good team dynamics, and how to work with others to achieve your organizations goals.
Gain insights into how you run marketing strategies for startups and projects. Get an overall understanding of how to set up a marketing plan, strategy, and what is important when executing.
How it works
95 spots
For each course we have 95 spots, for the first people who buy their spot. Meetups online using www.zoom.us, 2 times each week for hours (over a 4-week course). Sign up below - the cost is only 50$!
Next course Jan 12 - Feb 14, 2019
All 4 weeks:
Tuesday: 3PM Norwegian time (CET)
Thursday: 3PM Norwegian time (CET)

If you can`t attend one or two;
Remember that you will get the course-video sent.
Interactive sessions
Interactive dialoges and tasks to help you execute right after the course (if you have a project).
Using www.zoom.us to hold our courses, we get a seemless connection to each other
for the best interaction possible.

How it works
Course class online
We bring our best knowledge from best practices, and provide you with insights, methods, and tools you can use once the course-day is over.
Training tasks
Between the sessions you will get different tasks within everything from creativity and agile project management, to marketing and leadership tasks.
Repeat 4 times
Repeat this through our 4 different areas. See which subjects below:
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Only 95 spots per course
Courseholder: Didrik Strøhm, Co-founder & COO - YSI Global
I am an 25 years old entrepreneur and innovator, with 6 years experience as an entrepreneur, seller, and marketer. I hold a bachelor in innovation, creativity, and business building, as well as a minor in digital marketing. I have been vital in building what is now Scandinavias biggest leadership program for youth, and I now work as innovation director for Young Sustainable Impact - Designing the 5-month innovation program we run.
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