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Young Sustainable Impact are so motivated to see this many youth apply to our program. We encourage you to share the program opportunity with other skilled, young talents that you know as well!
Jan 19 | Sunday
23.59 – CET
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When you apply to YSI - remember:
We answer you both if you get to the next round or not
The YSI program is popular in the sense that many people apply. However, we do look at every single application, and we answer every single person.
We read every application
No application goes through the cracks. Our system ensures that we see which we have read or not, and we always read every single application. We respect every applicant.
Don`t get discouraged, apply again
If you do not get in to our program, it`s worth noticing that several participants have applied several times. 2 participants in 2019 had applied three times, while several applied for the second time and got in.
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